ASPIRING HOLLYWOOD is for anyone interested in show-business. Before you hop on the plane, the bus or that old VW bug and head for stardom there are a few basic things that you need to know in order to first and foremost be safe, look and sound professional and have a good understanding of how things work in Hollywood. Not interested in moving to Hollywood, but still want to make a movie in your neck of the woods, then this is the place to learn how to do it.

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LUCIANO SABER is an award winning film producer and screenwriter, a television producer, a published author, a screenwriting instructor at the prestigious UCLA Extension writing program, a script consultant for Apostle Pictures, producers of the award winning, FX,  “Rescue Me,” a script consultant for the Wyle/Katz Company— spent several years working as a development executive and secured a script deal for a TV pilot at Sony Television and Fox Broadcasting.

With 11 titles as an actor, producer and/or screenwriter, Luciano Saber’s grass roots efforts started in Chicago’s theater community and subsequently landed an on-camera reporter position with WCFC-TV38 (currently TLN). After several successful years as a reporter, Saber embarked on a feature film and dramatic television career.

The films Saber wrote and produced received critical acclaim, film festival awards, domestic theatrical distribution, home video and sell-through distribution with reputable distributors such as HBO, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Koch Entertainment. In addition, his films are currently distributed internationally in more than 20 countries.

As a screenwriting instructor, LUCIANO SABER teaches aspiring writers from all walks of life, as well as entertainment industry professionals currently working on popular films and television shows to include actors, film and television directors and producers.